Wreck this Journal

Hi blog!

Been a while hasn’t it? Probably a long time since I’ve blog. I’ve started a new project. It’s pretty new, I just started it last Thursday when I got the book. I decided to try out Keri Smith’s “Wreck this Journal”. Only after I purchased the Journal did I realise the irony in buying it. I’ve brought a perfectly good book and decided to ruin it for fun. Something I could have done with Moleskines or an art Journal. Oh well it’s all in good fun XD

wreck this journal

Here is what the front cover looked like before I got a hold of it.

Wreck this journal

I have since upgraded the cover.

Wreck this journal - finger painting fingerprints
Finger Prints have since ended up like finger paint :X

I’m not sure if I will like this project. I’m far too precious with my things.


Kay Nielsen

A while ago a got a book on the art of Kay Nielsen. A popular illustrator in the early 1900’s his work was on the cutting edge of illustration.

I love the little details in his illustrations. How I wish I could draw like this!

John & Ghost

Tin Solider

12 princesses

Toy Cameras

It’s no secret that I love cameras and dolls. In fact a few years ago I brought this camera in the shape of a fanta can:

Fanta Camera

I’ve been told back in the day they were popular at local show events. Since the onslaught of digital, these types of cameras are becoming rare. A shame I think!

A friend the other day introduced me to these adorable cameras in the shape of juice boxes. It’s almost spy stuff, well not really if I was a spy I would still use a digital camera, small and silent XD




Not only do they come in the form of juice boxes but also cigarette packets as well!


I’ve these cameras a few place online. Of course ebay and the Four Corner Store. I’m hoping to get one of these fun little cameras next week.



On the weekend, while practicing driving I saw a koala in a tree. Okay so it’s bad practice to take your eyes off the road to see a koala but I suddenly got obsessed with seeing a koala close up. Luckily for us we were in the Adelaide Hills near Cleland wildlife park. While there we saw:

Goose or Geese

Some Geese. They are actually called “Cape Barren Geese” native to Australia :3


Some dingoes being fed. These poor little guys are endangered 😦


A kangaroo and her joey. I have a photo of the joey’s feet sticking out I will have to show you guys sometime 🙂


A really cute emu. These guys like all the critters there would come and eat out of your hand.


My personal favorite are Potoroos. These little critters were everywhere in the park, when they stood still it was like they were clapping their paws. It was the first time I’ve seen them, ever! As a kid I went bush walking a lot, but I never saw these guys! Of course they are very endangered, not many left in the wild.


Of course I saw a Koala! I even got to pat him, his name is Steve :3

If you ever happen to be in Adelaide and want to see lots of cuddly cute animals and take photos. I suggest you grab a friend and go to Cleland wildlife park! Marc and I are now annual members!

KittyKrunch XOXOX


All this cold weather we’re having lately is making me crave warm things. What could be warmer than a Kotatsu? I had the pleasure of trying one when I was in Japan back in 2007 (my my that seems like a long time ago!)

What is a Kotatsu?

A kotatsu is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. Underneath is a heat source, often built into the table itself.


See how warm and cozy they look? I guess in this weather all I can do is snuggle up in bed with a cup of hot milo and a good comic book to read!

Keep warm everyone!



Look what I got in the mail yesterday! That’s right it’s a Toyfields Kuma! Isn’t she adorable?

Of course now that I have one I want another one, this time in white. Probably a good thing I’m broke this week and probably the rest of the year saving to go to a wedding in Queensland and getting a new kitchen. *Sigh* That dream of returning to Japan and going to America is getting further away from me.

Any way if you want these little guys too you can get them from Mimiwoo’s ebay shop. The shipping is a little high for the time you wait but if you love them the GO GET THEM!

Keep warm everyone!

Honey & Clover


One manga I have recently become obsessed with is “Honey and Clover” by Chika Umino. When I first discovered this manga back in 2004, I didn’t like it at all. The drawings for me where a little bit too weird and I didn’t really understand the characters. Actually I had watched the anime first but it wasn’t popular with my friends so I just left it at that.

After rediscovering this manga recently through my love for “Mori Girl” I can see how magical it really is. The anime isn’t as fantastic as the manga in my opinion. I think the story has a lot more depth than the anime. However I do love the opening of Honey & Clover which is sung by YUKI.

I have heard that Honey and Clover has been turned into a live action film. I haven’t seen it yet but probably will sooner or later.